The Deviance (2016-2017)

'Under the imposition of the rigid terms of engagement they moved into a seeming trance-like state, alternating almost imperceptibly between a subtle self-consciousness in front of the camera and a withdrawn meditative state, flickering in between the place of being and the requirement to become a sign.' - Joanna Lowry - Stillness & Time.

The Deviance is a photographic study into the conventions and traditions of portraiture. The study has gone on for over 8 months, following on from my previous project Year Book, which concentrated on the immaculate craft of school portrait. Both projects, have been hugely dependant on the use of backdrops. The Deviance, has developed the plays on traditional studio portraiture to the point of allowing the backdrop to engulf and become the centre point of the photographs.

The work has made me appreciate how the composition and framing of the photographic image can create an altered sense of reality. A reality which we time & time again create through the lens of a camera. These nine images contradict and deviate from the norms of the portrait, whilst also playing with the original characteristics and traditions simultaneously.

By exploring themes of image truth, conventions, self-representation and camera-interaction, I am striving to question what portraiture can be, rather than what it is.

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