Year Book

The origins of this photographic project stemmed from my consistent interest into the craft of my school photo from when I was around the age of six.

The portrait floated from my parents home to my grandparents, occupying numerous shelve spaces amongst other members of my family and though being a generic student portrait, its constant presence has imprinted its own long-living existence in my mind, making all educative and institutional portraits ring on my subconscious.

The research into the school portrait coincided with my minds engrossed interest into the possibilities that technology can offer in new ways of digesting and displaying imagery. 

Year Book uses the cultural ideologies related to the school or college year book, the future, prosperity and hope, as a metaphor for the fast moving world of technology which has a prolific effect on imagery.

As new technologies are rolling out, photography is being ushered through its infancy into an altered visual culture with expectation far beyond simple documentation. We are slightly prior to a moment in time where the world audience demands more sophisticated imagery that is more responsive, more dynamic and connected to reality by more than a passive two-dimensional image of limited visual data, isolated in space and time.

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